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Flapless vertical alveolar crest-split and horizontal distraction

by Prof. Angelo Troedhan

"Based on the mechanical behavior of woven bone, Piezotome osteotomy tools have been developed for vertical alveolar crest splitting and horizontal alveolar ridge expansion. Utilizing Piezotome for flapless crest splitting and widening techniques, the indication for this surgery can be applied to alveolar ridges with widths of only 1mm due to the bone preserving benefits provided. A prospective clinical multicenter-study resulted in an overall implant-loss rate of less than 2 % and vertical bone loss of mean 1mm within the first two years after surgery."

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Free of charge


50 minutes

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Prof. Angelo Troedhan

Prof. Angelo Troedhan

Dr.Dr., PhD, DMD, MD, Prof. Angelo Troedhan currently works at the OMF-surgery, The Institute for Facial Esthetics. Angelo does research in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Implantology and Dental Surgery.


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